Data Sources

The following datasets are referenced and utilised by the tools in this portal. Unless otherwise stated the datasets have been made available under license by their respective owners/developers for the purposes of this project.



Developed and maintained by AsureQuality. First developed in 1993 for the management of properties susceptible to foot and mouth disease, the AgriBase™ database holds information on all types of rural properties such as farms, vineyards, orchards, forests, and small holdings and includes contact details for the individuals that own and manage them.

Agribase™ is used in this portal to help define the starting areas when defining the boundary of farms.

NZ Primary Parcels

Land Information New Zealand

Developed and maintained by Land Information New Zealand. The NZ Primary Parcels are the current primary parcel polygons and contain some associated descriptive data that details the appellation (legal description), purpose, size and a list of titles that have an interest in the parcel. A primary parcel is a portion of land that is intended to be:

  • Owned by the Crown, except movable marginal strips
  • Held in fee simple (predominately private ownership)
  • Maori freehold land or Maori customary land
  • Public foreshore and seabed
  • The bed of a lake or river
  • Road or railway
  • Vested in a local authority

Primary parcels can be thought of as the 'base level' of the 'jigsaw puzzle' of all land making up New Zealand

The Primary Parcels dataset is used in this portal to define the farm boundary. It is provided under a Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand license.

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S-map and NZLRI

Landcare Research

Developed and maintained by Landcare Research. S-map is the national soils database. Existing soil databases are patchy in scale, age and quality. Many of the maps do not adequately describe the underlying properties of the soil types they represent. S-map integrates existing reports and digital information and updates soil maps where existing data are of low quality. The goal is to provide comprehensive, quantitative soil information to support sustainable development and scientific modelling.

S-map is used in this portal to define the characteristics of the soils on the farms when calculating nutrient losses with OVERSEER®. S-map does not have complete coverage of all land at this stage. Landcare Research have provided supplementary information from the New Zealand Land Resource Inventory (NZLRI) to be used where S-map information is not available.

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Virtual Climate Station Data


Developed and maintained by NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research). Virtual climate station (VCS) data are estimates of daily rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, air and vapour pressure, maximum and minimum air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and soil moisture on a regular (~5km) grid covering the whole of New Zealand.

Annual average estimates of total rainfall, temperature and potential evapotranspiration are used in this portal to define the general climate characteristics of farms when calculating nutrient losses with OVERSEER®.

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