The Farm Portal

Welcome to the Farm Portal. Coming soon, about mid-October, is a refreshed Farm Portal with clear OVERSEER®, NCheck and Permitted Activity pathways.

While our developer gets that ready for you, we have this simple Farm Portal for use now to calculate your GMP loss rates.

This Farm Portal has:

  1. Updated GMP Loss Rate calculations, aligned with the Council decisions on Plan Change 5 to the Land and Water Regional Plan (as amended by the High Court), and
  2. The current version of OVERSEER® - 6.3.0

Upload your OVERSEER® files one at a time. You will need to do your own averaging of your GMP loss rates for now:

  • Four Baseline OVERSEER® files for 2009-2013, and then
  • The last four years’ OVERSEER® files for current losses.

The terms and conditions of use for this portal.

Generate GMP loss rate using:

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