Welcome to the Farm Portal

The Farm Portal is designed to calculate your Nitrogen losses at Good Management Practice as defined by industry. It will also determine if your land use is authorised or if you require written approval via consent from Environment Canterbury.

In order to prepare you should have on hand the following:

  • One of the following: your farm’s Agribase™ Farm ID, legal description, street address or a nearby locality
  • If you belong to an irrigation scheme
  • Your baseline OVERSEER® XML files (2009-2013) at the latest version of OVERSEER® (if you have them)
  • Your last four years OVERSEER® XML files at the latest version of OVERSEER® (if you have them)
  • The area in hectares of your farm that is irrigated

Once you have answered some questions using the above information you will be able to download from the Farm Portal a report indicating your farm's status under the Environment Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan and including a map showing soils and other useful data about your farm.

This website has been updated to align with the Council’s decisions on Plan Change 5 (Nutrient Management and Waitaki). These decisions may affect the estimated nitrogen loss rates for your farming activity if operated at Good Management Practice (referred to as the Farm Portal and the Good Management Practice Loss Rate and Baseline GMP Loss Rate). The rules in Plan Change 5 do not have legal effect until the plan change is made operative.

To proceed you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of use for this portal.

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